Ming Yale Chow, President and founder of Strategic Alternative Solutions LLC is an entrepreneur at heart. He started his companies in 1996 purchasing real estate foreclosures. He has owned and managed over 40 million dollars of residential and commercial real estate through out his career.

Currently he heads the Strategic Alternative Solutions LLC in a multitude of industries including residential and commercial real estate, business consulting, aviation, construction, education, marketing, and computer consulting. He has found a unique alternative way to integrate the specialties of various industries to the targeted business solution and discovered that businesses need to be delved into deeper in order to fine tune the company’s objectives and achieve effectiveness to be successful. He continues to focus on various industries and fields in order to find new perspectives to compliment the task at hand. His vision is to look at businesses in a new perception in order to achieve the company’s developmental goals. A major part of Ming Chow’s expansion is the development of strategic business systems that streamlines work load and increase overall efficiencies of companies. His strategic alternative solutions are incomparable to others.